Reading Cycles

I do a lot of reading in the mornings, various blogs and communities on all the subjects that I’m interested in: the metaverse, marketing, tech, social networking, virtual worlds, and gaming.  I also read a lot of MMO blogs about Warcraft, of course.  Most of that reading I do while I eat my lunch – living in rainy England and having the same aversion that a cat does to being cold and wet means that I quite often eat my lunch at my desk.

My morning reading reflects my current job.  It used to be tech, SEO, web dev and marketing.  Now it’s more virtual worlds news, marketing and so on. My lunchtime reading is currently in a lull…there aren’t many blogs that I read very often anymore.  It’s not that I’m less involved in gaming (still as addicted as ever), but the sites that I enjoy reading are fewer.  I don’t keep up with my old LJ buddies very much anymore, whereas that used to be a big timesink.   My WoW blogroll is currently very minimised: WoW Insider, Tobold’s MMORPG Blog, and so on.  I don’t read WoW Ladies very much anymore, after some members got pissy about WoW Insider quoting them and they completely locked the community down.  It’s open again, but many posters still lock their posts so that you have to be logged in to read it.  I strongly disagree with closed content communities, and so I just don’t read it anymore. There were quite a few personal gaming blogs that I used to very much enjoy reading, but when they went on hiatus for whatever reason I gradually stopped checking in on them.  Metroblogging Azeroth has virtually died, which is unfortunate; I used to write a lot for them.  Part of my ennui has to do with the general level of nastiness on the forums – I don’t find it entertaining in the slightest.

And so, here I am…a bit bored at lunch, nothing new to read, knowing that I should either brave the grey weather and go for a walk, or go back to work and take care of some of the mountain of stuff that I have piled up.  Meh.

2 thoughts on “Reading Cycles”

  1. Good rainy morning to you Ravven.

    Hmm… well, there’s the WarCry Network, one of the sites I am currently freelancing with. Undergoing an overhaul as of right now, but look for more regular MMO material to be posted in the near future, including WoW stuff. I’ll be writing more on RP in MMORPG’s , expanding my coverage to other virtual world games.

    There’s the Hammer of Grammar site:

    Yeah, you’re right, can’t think of any pure WoW blogs worth recommending. If you’re into torture, guess you could always read the official Blizzard forums. :P No, please don’t, I beg you.

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