Reader’s Digest Version

…because I am tired and stupid. :)

Last night we went to see Harry Potter, and I was disappointed. The director had evidently never read the books, and his lack of care definitely showed. Oh, it was entertaining and visually superb, but Hogwarts looked a bit like a haunted castle in Canada, and things like Hagrid’s house and the Whomping Willow had moved. So much of it was chopped out, even to the point of ruining the movie for someone like Phil, who has never read the books. In the beginning, when Harry packs his trunk and leaves the Dursleys’ house, Phil said “what did he do with the owl?” So abrupt.

Our marshmallow launch was stomped flat by server and software problems. I am so discouraged. And I’m going to go to these meetings in New York and show them what they need to do? Jesus. What a disaster.

Can’t find a farrier, and one of Kip’s shoes is working lose. We’ve called everyone, and they’re all damn prima donnas; they have enough business and are not taking any new clients. I may have to just strip his shoes off and turn him out into pasture.

Well, Phil is looking at me and tapping his fingers, so I guess I’ll close for now and go shopping. I just want to cry.

3 thoughts on “Reader’s Digest Version”

  1. *big hugs*

    I’m sorry to hear things are still poo. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a farrier somewhere! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Thanks to you both. I feel better this weekend, which will last, oh, maybe until about ten minutes after I get into work tomorrow morning. :)

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