Read my Palm…

I’m feeling better today, aside from a really evil headache that has plagued me all day. Phil and I went shopping for athletic wear, sweats and shoes and such, as well as some tubing so that he can transfer the wine that he made into the bottles. I had a sip of it…a little tart, but not bad at all.

It’s been hailing, then raining. One of the rats has terrible sniffles; I’ve been calling her Whuffler.

I got lazy and watch Kissing Jessica Stein on DVD in the afternoon – the straightest bi-relationship movie that I have ever seen. I think the hottest one that I have ever seen is Bound – one of my favourites.

Not much else happening. I need to do some work on the sites, but I’ve been avoiding it. Sorry, this is neither profound nor even very interesting, even to me. So I’ll close for now.

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