Reachable Dreams

I had a lovely ride on Lizzie tonight, once she’d warmed up. I had to wait until late, as the second day of affiliated classes was on, and tomorrow will be unaffiliated. I’d planned on riding her in a class or two tomorrow, but with the hellish last few weeks, we hadn’t a hope.

As I was leaving, one of the high-level horses at the barn was led out: huge, gleaming, plaited and oiled. The trainer at the barn, dressed in top hat and tails, was going to ride him for a photo shoot. They were amazing-looking.

No, Lizzie and I will never be that horse and rider. She’s close to the level that her age and soundness will allow, and I’ll never be a Grand Prix rider. If you bought me a Grand Prix horse, I couldn’t ride it. But you know? Even in a very posh barn like this one, we’re not the worst, by any means. I have soft hands, I can ride centered in a deep seat that I can actually aid with. Lizzie is elegant, light and powerful…when she puts her mind to it. I think we’re pretty damn good.

I’m happy with us, and I think both of us can hold our heads up high, me with my £2000 horse. There are a lot of riders out there on horses that cost five times that, who don’t have the partnership that we do. :)

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  1. Well, really – you have to be proud of accomplishments even if they are small, don’t you? ;)

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