Razorfen Downs

Did the RFD instance with several guild members, and Miz (which was interesting since she evidently has history with some of my guildmates who used to belong to her guild and left with much bad feeling). It was a lot of fun, especially since I rarely play with anyone in a group – I solo for the most part. I loved it. Even though we all died and called it a night about half way through, I had fun, and want to do it again. This is what I was hoping for when I joined a guild – people to actually plan instances with.

I’m slowly working my way to level 40 with my warlock, so I can have my felsteed, and then I’ll take it easy. It’s been tough because of the recent rolling re-starts of the realm servers, and all the lag. The other night I was on a gryphon, was kicked out of the game, and when I got back in I was on the deck of a ship. Weird feeling – evidently it was the last place the server remembered me being. Another strange thing was to stand in the middle of Stormwind and not see another character of any kind, at all. I was talking to people in guildchat saying that I should remove all my clothing and run around naked. :) It was like being in a zombie movie, where the character wakes up in the hospital or whatever and comes out to find a totally empty city. lol…

Oh, one final thing…I finally got a sexy dress! I’ve been playing for ages in a long white robe that made me look like a nun, and before that, my lower-level character ran around in these awful ragged kneebreech things. now I have an ornate fantasy-princess cleavage outfit. Woo hoo!

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