Ravven in Retirement

It feels strange being back on a server that I spent so much time on.  On Moonglade, I am mainly quiet while I play, aside from talking to a very few select friends.  As soon as I logged in on Aggramar after transferring (standing in the bank to see what the damage was after moving her without preparation…no primals, no gold, everything on the bank alt, damn), I saw people that I had known for ages.  Did a few runs with rl friends and ex-Shadow Slayers (the now-defunct original guild).  Picked up another heroic key and am a hair from picking up a couple more of them.  It was good.

I’ll keep her in semi-retirement – i.e., just doing heroics with friends, no guilds yet.  There has been so much chaos on Aggramar, anyway, with all of the major guilds having split, disbanded, reformed.  It will take some time to sort everything out.

I had a long conversation with a friend from the guild on Moonglade, apologising for my temper during that last run.  I had reasons, but I was unforgiveably rude, and I am very sorry for that.  It wasn’t the way that I had planned on leaving.  I was exhausted, and I was angry and hurt over a few things…but that isn’t an excuse.  But done is done, and for better or worse Ravven is home.

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