I have a lesson tonight, and hopefully Lizzie will be both sound and sane. She is intermittently slightly unsound at times, and on others she is completely sound. Sometimes the head-bob at trot (indicating something in the front legs) goes away as she warms up and works. I’m confused, and a bit worried. We’ll see how she goes…perhaps she’s stiff from all of the stall rest, and will become more sound if I can turn her out. Perhaps it’s something else and she’ll get worse. The farrier is trying long, flared-base shoes on her to encourage her collapsed heels to come right…perhaps the change to the angles of her feet are affecting her. Hmmmn.

If anyone sees Mirrormask, can you post a review? I’m dying to know how it was, but I fear I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD here (since we probably won’t travel to Edinburgh or London to see it).

Another request: has anyone used XAMPP for LAMP development? Since my spectacular unsuccess at setting up a development environment on my laptop with separate installs, I’m wondering if this might be the answer.

No profound thoughts today. The weather is grey and unfriendly, and I am unambitious. The house is a wreck, the multigym is still laying in pieces in the front room, we need to do shopping, and all I want to do is curl up in front of the fire with my latest shipment from Amazon and read until my eyes turn to raisins.

6 thoughts on “Random”

  1. Thanks for the headsup on Mirrormask – I’ve just been to the London Film Festival website and registered my interest – can’t actually book tickets until 6th October, but I will be doing so, as will a lot of people I know.

    And as a thank you, you officially have the right to bug me for a review :-)

  2. Have you noticed the darker nights and darker mornings? I keep trying to deny that winter is coming. I hate winter here. It’s not the cold so much as the dark that gets to me so much. Each year, it’s not as bad to actually live through, but I tend to hate its coming all the more! I used to LOVE autumn, but now it’s just winter’s doorstep.

    *big hugs* If there’s space in front of the fire next to you, can I borrow one of your books and join you? :)

  3. Great – it looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see it. I’d love to know what you think.

  4. By all means. I have rooms full of books, extra blankets, and we can make Irish coffee. *sigh* God, that sounds good. :)

    I know…I saw my breath the other morning, and people have been wearing down jackets. I’m just not ready for the cold and the dark.

  5. Maybe we should get together and a have a “Welcome to Winter” party and have lots of comfort food (stew or something) and chocolate and Irish coffee…MMMMMMmmmmm and booze. And books and a fire and lots of being girly and silly! :)

    Sounds fun! When’re you free? Actually, what are you doing on the weekend of the 16th? I think the boy’s away and you could come hang with me and we could watch girly films and gab the night away. Whatcha think?

  6. Sounds like fun! Although you may have to come over my way, because of all the animals. I can’t let anyone else take care of Lizzie for fear of getting them hurt, so I pretty much have to be there morning and evening. But a Welcome to Winter party sounds great. :)

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