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I’m re-doing my CV to send off regarding a multimedia designer job – I know nothing about it, just that some guy called and asked if I was interested. Am I? Are you CRAZY? :)

I’ve found a interesting slant to the news about the Falluja offensive since the election. Before, you didn’t see too many really horribly unflattering interviews with American soldiers. The gloves are evidently off now, and the footage has been both embarrassing and scary. Every time they talk to a US soldier now, he’s dumb as two rocks and very gung-ho. Like the guy the other night who was talking about the “hounds of war.” (Phil was practically having a fit – “It’s DOGS of war, you knob!”) “We’re gonna set loose the hounds of war….blahblah…they don’t know what’s coming. It’s hell coming.” One guy was spouting off about how the Iraquis were going to get what they deserved, others about how pumped they were for this. It has to be deliberate, it’s too night-and-day in comparison with the way US soldiers were portrayed before. It’s as though the gloves are off, and support may be swinging the other way. Has anyone else outside the US noticed it, or is it just my imagination?

I interviewed the first of the candidates for the Content Coordinator position at work today. Sweet guy, who stated that the reason he wanted to work for us was that he wanted to work for a large, stable company. The HR lady and I looked at each other in horror, but said nothing. Hey, personally I think that I would do some research on any company I was going to go to work for. It’s not like the takeover hasn’t been big news lately, on the frontpage of the local papers and on the news.

I went out on a trek through the pitch-black pasture again, trying to find Kip. Couldn’t see him, and I almost fell down one of the very steep hills, so I just called him as I walked back to the gate. He came! Normally, he pretends to be deaf and blind and makes me come and fetch him, but tonight he galloped up with much snorting and eye rolling. He’s my big sweetie…I love him so much. We worked on transitions in the arena, trying to balance him more. (Note to self: NEVER again buy such a huge horse!)

Well, back to the CV.

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  1. wandringsoul


    What the soldier said was: ‘we’re going to unleash the dogs of hell on ’em…’


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