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“Dear RIAA: Have you ever thought that maybe the music just sucks?”

lol… this was the gist of a study that I read about recently. Phil and I were talking about it the other night, and I think that that is basically true, for the simple reason that you can now download and listen to tracks OTHER than the current song being played on the radio.

For everyone old enough to remember the days before P2P, can you count how many albums and CDs you bought where ALL songs other than the one hit song really sucked? I know I had a whole collection of them, one-hit wonders all. I think it’s what the record industry actually made their profit on. Had you the chance to listen to the whole CD, would you have paid a grossly inflated price for it? Not a chance.

Perhaps whole albums shouldn’t be put out by bands who only have one decent song in them. :P


We taped Night of the Living Dead and watched it last night. Interesting. This is the first time that I have ever watched it all the way through. I tried watching it as a child, and had the most terrible nightmares. Every time it was on TV since then, over the years, has been at a time when I was alone in the house, late at night, and I admit that I am too scared of the dark to watch horror movies by myself.

It was ok, interesting for reasons other than the scare factor. Not especially scary…although Phil did try. Stomping slowly down the stairs, one…at…a…time, making scary noises, etc. I HATE that. It’s not easy being an adult with a child’s overactive imagination, and I hate being made fun of for it. I’ll get you someday, you’ll see. I’ll do…well, I’ll do something, and THEN you’ll be sorry! :P


I think I’ll start learning Portuguese again. I had started learning via language tapes at one point, but was eventually put off by the close-to-Spanish-but-too-different aspect of it. Very confusing. I want to take dressage lessons in Portugal.

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