Rainy Day

I’ve been banging stuff into the database all day. My mind is numb. I don’t think that this was what I was put on earth to do. Mark, my web assistant, is back, but there’s just too much…it’s going to take forever.

The launch of the Cyber Centre (or whatever the hell they decided to call it) went well. The local dignitaries seemed to be very impressed with the centre and the site, there was good catered food, and unfortunately tons of rain. Good work on the opening, Jo…sorry for saying that you should have taken care of the rain, too. :P We took Web Team photos afterwards, including a group hug one that inadvertently almost turned into Hot Girl-on-Girl Action (as they say); I’ll post pics later. ;)

As you can probably tell, I am not looking forward to getting back to dumping info into the database. *sigh* I still need to work out the stupid template issue, I frickin hate ASP, and I haven’t even started on any actual design. I need to get the navigation and architecture working first, and right now it just ISN’T. I have a feeling that we have a problem with caching on the server which is affecting some of the ASP include files. It wasn’t working, and I kept changing things, changing it back when it didn’t work, getting very frustrated…and then Nathan and I discovered that the navigation wasn’t updating at all!!! :( I had probably fixed the original problem several times over, but the cached copy was all I saw. Damn and hell.

Well, we’re getting some power flickers now, so I am going to close. I’ll go and bang my head against the wall some more.

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