Rainy Day Thursday

Phil, I’m sorry for being snarky this morning…traffic was fine, and I would have had time to go to the post office. :(

I’ve had no energy lately. My alarm goes off at 6:00 am, I can very rarely take lunch, I usually work through it, I get off work and drive to the stable, usually getting home at 7:30-8:00. After a quick dinner, I usually feel like just pouring myself into a chair and reading, rather than catching up on housework or working on the computer or whatever. The days go by in a haze. I need energy…or more hours in the day.

Even though it’s grey and wet today, last evening was gorgeous out at the stable. I just lunged Kip and didn’t ride. I spent ages just looking at the sky while he ate, and then walking slowly through the woods. The bluebells are out in the bluebell wood, and I’ll have to take some pictures this weekend. The light is like honey, slow and thick and golden, in the early evening. Everything is so green now, improbably green, like a painting done by a naive artist in colours to bright to be real. There are baby squirrels everywhere, and the hoarse, bossy crows. In the pastures you sometimes see pheasants, herons, and foxes. There are badger setts in the woods, although I haven’t seen them.

The farm is very old; the present buildings are ornate Victorian brickwork, although there have been a series of buildings: black-and-white timbered manor house prior to the Victorian one which now houses the school, and I’m not sure what it was before that. At one time the land was evidently an abbey or monastery, and during the Reformation was given or sold off, as other monastic lands and possessions were at the time. I wish I knew more of the history of it. It’s part of what I love about it: that sense that you are walking in the steps of generations of people before you, who cared for horses much in the same way.

Well, it’s off to work. I have a half-hour of reading to do (catching up on tech news and ecommerce/marketing/SEO/design columns and sites), then back to whatever I was working on yesterday.

What was it?

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