Rain, Sun, Rain, Rain, Sun…

Fairly eventful weekend, as Kip’s shoulder decided to take a turn for the worse and we had the vet out on an emergency basis. While I was in the States, he had somehow acquired a small puncture wound to the shoulder. By the time I got back, the wound had closed over, and seemed to be healing, although he was sore to the touch.

Yesterday, however, his shoulder was quite swollen and very hot, and he was limping. Called the vet, a very nice young Scottish guy who came right out and immediately said that he didn’t like the look of the shoulder, didn’t like it at all. He thought it was strange that it should develop a deep abcess so long after the original injury, and was concerned that it might possibly be a fracture. My heart sank when he said that. These words you do NOT want to hear your vet say: “Is he insured?” (The answer is yes, only for fatality and basic liability, though, not for expensive vet work.) Give Phil credit, he was very supportive and didn’t even ask how much that was likely to cost…the answer, of course, being Lots and Lots. More than we have.

Today, however, after having the wound opened (no infection, too deep to release any, or aforementioned fracture), and a shot of heavyweight antibiotic, he is better. Still not eating, still sore, but better. The vet came out early in the morning, gave him another antibiotic shot, and said that he was much more hopeful. He’ll call tonight and come out again tomorrow.

So, I am hoping for very good news. Kip saw the vet coming this morning and tried to back away sharply, ears plastered back and muzzle wrinkled up in displeasure. He is NOT Kip’s favourite man right now. ;) He’s an angel, though – what other horse would stand still while someone digs down over an inch into his shoulder muscle? Such a good boy.

Off again to the stable…slow walks and hot saltwater compresses for Kip. I bought him Guiness to go in his feed. Hey, they give it to racehorses to build up their blood, it can’t hurt. If nothing else, he’ll be feeling no pain. lol…

5 thoughts on “Rain, Sun, Rain, Rain, Sun…”

  1. Oh no!!! Christ! I hope he makes a speedy recover, honey. Lucky horsey! Guinness! :) You might find he’ll fake injuries on occassion now, just to get some more. ;)

    *big hugs*

  2. Hello there!

    Your journal came highly recommended by so I just thought I’d leave you a message here to inform you of this fascinating fact :P

  3. Thanks. It doesn’t look very good right now. :( He was funny yesterday, though, lying down after a Guiness and a dose of painkiller – he looked as though he was seeing two of me! :)

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