Rain, rain, go AWAY

Very tired of the weather. Sick of wet and cold weather. England, you’re hereby on notice…I expect to see some nice sunny weather soon or else…it won’t be pretty. :(

Saturday after riding I put Lizzie in the solarium, which has both ultraviolet and whatever the heat lamps are – infrared? I thought she’d enjoy it, but she didn’t. She sidled from side to side to get out from under the heat, pawed, and then stood there making that foal-mouthing gesture – strange. It wasn’t too hot – I kept checking. But she didn’t seem to enjoy it.

On the project we lost a few days on the screwup caused by my templates. Hey, I’m not a real ASP programmer. Since (due to the aggressive timeline), I’d decided to prototype the site by just actually building it, rather than wireframing it first. I’d written a simple template system and CMS, the navigation was dynamic and the content was coming from the database, and it was sweet until we needed to include dynamic files within the asp templates. Yeah, NOW I know that you can’t do that. We do, however, have a workaround now…and so the team working on the ecommerce area can go on and do that while I start building the My Account/blog/gallery/forums sections. Whew! So late, though…I think about it at night and my stomach twists into knots.

In Warcraft, my mage is now almost level 35. :) I hate the fact that you can’t change the way your character looks without deleting it and starting over. I chose a character with dark skin, white hair, and big eyes (which I thought would look better small-size)…and she looks like Britney Spears. I hate her cheerleader looks and big googly eyes. I want to smack her. But I have too many hours invested in levelling her up. She’s wearing a hood now, which helps a bit. But she still looks as though she should be saying the word “bitchin”.

My Horde troll is a lot more fun. :)

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  1. wandringsoul

    It’s ok, M’s a valley girl at heart… this is just that burning desire to ‘hit the mall’ creeping out vicariously…

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