Rain, Rain Go AWAY

Today I cleaned stalls, hauled hay and water, and bathed Kip, all in the pouring rain. :( Kip thought I was insane, by the looks he kept shooting me. Despite the crappy weather, we were going to do his sale video…rain or shine.

He was NOT a good boy. In the end, we did get some gorgeous trot work and some rather strung-out canter (my friend Jane rode him so I could video). He had a pissy attitude about being bathed, kept in a stall for an afternoon, and then forced to do canter work. That’s why I had her ride him – she’s so much stronger than I am, and can make him do it. He’s a beauty, though…this is so hard.

Click here for Kip’s Blooper Reel.

10 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go AWAY”

  1. he is majestically elegant :) someone’s going to fall in love with him and be that strong stubborn bully of a rider he needs!

    good luck w/ selling! I need to put another video together of Drak too for a hunter gal who called a few days ago.

  2. Oh my gawd, he takes my breath away! I’ve jsut been staring at his noble head and entire self… I wish I was closer, I think I could like that boy very much :-) I tend to be good with horses who need a little push, Sym was one, among others.

  3. He is a beautiful boy. He has a lot of energy. I think he would have me off his back quite quickly.

  4. Good luck with Drakkara! I love watching Kip being ridden by other people – we don’t have mirrors or anything, so I can’t see how he looks when I’m on him. He does need a bully, though, which I why I had my friend ride him for the video. She’ll just boot him on, no matter what he does, whereas he knows that he can push me around a bit.

  5. Yes, I’ve thought of that – I think you and he would get along very well. :) He has so much potential, but he’s not the horse for me. I do so much better on a hot, sensitive horse where I can just sit quietly and balance/channel all the energy.

  6. Those kick-backs weren’t bad – I’ve seen him take an ENORMOUS buck with my trainer on him, one that would have had me embedded to the neck in the arena roof! Yikes!

  7. dryadmeagenn

    He is GORGEOUS!

    Like you though, I do tend to prefer a “hot” spirited horse. Arabs, TBs… and usually mares. I’d probably get along great with Lizzie! Btw–How’s she healing up?

  8. Yes, they suit me a lot better. Lizzie’s leg looks a lot better, but it’s still very stocked up, which worries me. There’s still either infection, or something else in there that’s not clearing up. The xrays didn’t show any bone chips, so I suppose it could be bits of the partially-severed tendon dying off. :(

  9. Sometimes my energy clashes with these sensitive ones, when it melds it’s amazing, but the clashes are too much for their hot brains, in my experience. The big drafts who need a little prodding seem to pick up with my energy, I can get them to do more and listen, but again, it’s a horse by horse thing.

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