Rain, Rain Go Away

I am sick of the damn rain. I am sick of being wet and cold and dirty. :( All the horses at the stable were grumpy and out of sorts; it was rather amusing to look down a long row of horses and see them all with their ears back and nostrils wrinkled up in that grouchy-horse look.

I had to wait two hours with Kip all tacked up, but I did finally get into the arena. (I’m nothing if not persistent.) Warmed him up very slightly, just to get the bucks out, and then got on. He did NOT want to work today, and I finally had to borrow a riding crop in order to convince him to trot. It’s funny – most of the young horses that I’ve started have been thoroughbreds, and you need to soothe and slow them in order to avoid hair-raising first rides. I’ve never had one that needed a pretty good whack on the butt in order to move out of a walk. He was sweet, though, despite his crankiness and sloth.

I saw the funniest thing on Yahoo.co.uk yesterday, but unfortunately I didn’t do a screen shot of it before it was changed. In the Personal Finance box on the homepage, it said “Paying for Pussy? How much we spend on our pets.” (Or something to that effect, anyway.) I mailed it to Phil, but by the time he looked, it had been changed to something less risque. Too bad. :)

I AM going to do something today. Housework, computer work. I swear I will. :P

6 thoughts on “Rain, Rain Go Away”

  1. wandringsoul

    The Yahoo quote you sent me yesterday was:

    ‘Pay for Pussy monthly with our £7 vet bill plan’

  2. Third time’s a charm…ugh…(lj not letting me post)

    I know I’ve asked this before, but have you tried downloading messenger lately? I’m home… you’re home… would be nice to chat…

  3. Sorry I missed you – how is everything? I should be online tomorrow, and I’ll try to catch you then (if I can get messenger working – I haven’t had any luck!). I miss you guys.

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