Rain and Patriotism

It’s pouring rain today. *sigh* That means that water is probably dripping through the bedroom ceiling right now; we need to have a roofing company come out to see what the problem is. That’s one of the joys of owning a house, I suppose. :(

I haven’t been able to get Kipper out at all, and yesterday he was in a very naughty mood. We’re not supposed to turn out in either of the arenas, but it was dark so I turned him out in the outdoor one, and he decided to run by the fence we were standing by and lash out with a VERY vicious kick, which unfortunately broke a panel of the gate. Fucking hell. I couldn’t find anyone to tell last night, but I’m going to have to offer to pay for it.

Everyday Stranger had quite a nice piece on Moments of Patriotism:

“I am not what you would call wildly patriotic.

I am an American, I know I am an American, and I generally don’t feel the need to plaster my vehicle and my possessions with the American flag. I don’t speak loudly in public (unless I am boozing it up in a pub, then it’s all decibels all the time). I don’t fly the American flag here in Sweden (most houses have a flagpole, which they run the Swedish flag up on. We have a flagpole, which is flagless).

It is something that I simply know. A part of what makes me me. I am a woman, I am 29, and I know I am an American, so I don’t really feel the need to advertise it.”

I so related to this entry. I am an American too. I will still be an American after I get my British citizenship. I will never stop loving the country that made me, the country that my immigrant ancestors fought and bled and sacrificed for. I may feel horror over the present political regime, but I am in pretty good company there. There are two moments that made me feel very patriotic: one was the recent burning of US flags during Dubya’s visit to the UK. The other was on the first anniversary of 9/11, when everyone at the College gathered in the courtyard for silence and a moment of introspection. I was fighting back tears.

I do love America. I do, however, fear that it will never again be the country that I grew up in, and that tears at my heart.


  • wandringsoul

    If you notify someone of the gate, don’t start out with ‘I need to pay for something….’ – I know you!

  • wandringsoul

    Why not!!

    Just apologise for it, say he just kicked out at it…and wait to see what THEY say…that place is full of borken and dangerous fencing…

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