Raiding Blues

At the moment, the ease of raid content means that raiding takes up two, perhaps three nights a week. Naxx, Archavon, and Malygos take us two nights at most, leaving another night for Sartharion 3D. Which is not exactly a bad thing…for a while. People are doing a lot of alt runs, since there’s nothing that they need on their mains. It also allows for a mini-break from raiding, which is what I’m doing. I’m bored with dailies, I can’t face levelling an alt through the same content, and I’m having fun in other games.

The devs have stated that Ulduar will be (thankfully) harder than current raid content. Well, it couldn’t be easier, could it? But it is not supposed to be as hard as Sunwell was. So I am expecting that that content will be completed within fairly short order. I haven’t heard anything about further raid content after Ulduar. I just feel a bit…meh about it all.

Perhaps a break may be in order…then I can come back and spend time with friends and enjoy what I’m doing.

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