Quote, I think from Kotaku

Another game dev has a theory on what’s killing PC gaming. This time, it’s not Mark Rein spraying mouth foam all over his fellow developers as he channels his inner store of full on crazy to lambast episodic content. It’s Brian Sullivan, that Age of Empires guy:

“For retail PC games, I think the biggest problem is World of Warcraft. It is such a compelling MMO game that it sucks up a lot of money and time that would normally be spent on other retail PC games.”

I personally don’t quite get this: people play WoW obsessively because it’s damn good, not simply because it’s an MMO. His complaint, then, is that a few games are too good and offer thousands of hours of compelling gameplay are killing a market primarily of boring, short games.

If a few long lasting, imminently playable games are really what’s killing PC gaming, good riddance, call me when I can spit on the corpse.


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