Quiet Morning

I’m here, and no one else is. It’s softly raining outside, and the skies are grey. I haven’t turned on any of the lights, and it is quiet and restful here.

Personal space is much different in the UK; I think you learn to live closer to other people. I remember my father saying that he never wanted to live in a place where he could look out of his window and see another house. In the states, we complained about our huge, open-plan working environment. You should see where I work now: desks set into long rows, the sides touching. Intimately experiencing other people conversations and noisy lunches. Not being able to concentrate. Not being able to have the darker environment that most computer/web people tend to work in. Bright flourescent (sp?) lights and noise, always. Very stressful, not a good environment.

I’m very thankful that it is the weekend. Not that I really have anything planned, you understand…but at least I won’t be here. ;) Phil had mentioned going to a movie tonight, but he didn’t seem to really want to go, so we probably won’t. I don’t need charity. Can’t go out with everyone tonight, as it would be too weird to go with Phil, and we each promised that we wouldn’t go out with other people while we were still living together. Not that I’m ready to date, but you know what I mean. We’re trying to stay away from each other’s throats as much as possible.

Well, back to real work. Back to the news, actually, as that’s what I do first thing in the morning, every morning. There are quite a few tech/computing/design/elearning sites that I read every morning. The tech world changes so quickly, and I think that is a very important thing for any professional working in that environment to do: educate yourself, stay on top of the latest trends, never stop learning.

After that, it’s back to my navigation problem that I’ve been trying to figure out. I’ve had some help from the webdev community, which has been very much appreciated, so I’m going to try a few suggestions and see what works.

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