Just a quick update, as I am off again to the stable. I plan to hack Kip quietly around the farm and let him see the sights. (He hasn’t been ridden outside the arena yet.) Wish me luck! lol…

I was glad to see the end of a very busy week; we collapsed with a bottle of wine and watched a dodgy copy of Kill Bill (someone that Phil works with has a contact, the traditional “bloke in a pub” that he can buy copies of movies from that are new to theatres in the UK). I loved Kill Bill, by the way; Phil thought it was crap. Tarantino’s excesses and film-school over-the-top flourishes amuse me.

Not much else to tell. I went shopping and splurged part of my new, shiny salary on books and things. I washed a stable rug in the tub upstairs…I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger now. :)

I’m happy. So happy that it took me a while to realise what that feeling was.

4 thoughts on “Quickness”

  1. Happiness is indeed a GOOD THING! :)

    I liked Kill Bill too. :) It was funny more than anything else. I can see why it could annoy others though.

    I hope your ride with Kip went well! :)


  2. I’m so glad for you. Just so incredibly glad. It’s amazing when it happens, isn’t it?

    Missing you and wishing you much more happiness to come :).

  3. Yes, I thought it was funny, as well. :) Tarantino seems to be one of those love-him-or-hate-him filmmakers.

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