Quick Update

This is exactly how I feel about living here in England. I wish this every day…I wish my family and my friends back home could feel what I feel, see what I see, taste what I taste. :)

We’re moving Lizzie to the new posh barn, although it is so expensive that it terrifies me. I may have to go to full care because they don’t like the thought of horse poo in the stalls and I can’t muck out at night. Excuse me – isn’t this a barn? No, it’s an equine display cabinet. But there will be solariums and massage units and hot walkers and cold salt baths to try to keep her sound.

The other night I was riding late at night in the indoor arena, and I heard whispering. Scared the hell out of me. The lights were off in the viewing gallery, and I could hear whispering…not really like actual people whispering, not the sound of wind, but full-on horror movie whispering. You know the sound. Scared me to death, and then I had the heebie-jeebies afterwards while I was mucking out in the dark, lonely yard. Such an odd feeling to have in a stable, which has always felt like the warmest, safest place in the world to me.

Back to work…too much work to do.


  • foalstory

    Pampering for the Lizzie pony :) I hope she enjoys this new place! but the facilities sound AMAZING. Full care might be a bit more, but then your tmie can be 100% WITH her and not having to split your limited time with the barn chores.

    Good luck!!

  • alabastard

    That piece is interesting, and how I felt about every new place I visited …. as I took in the sights and newness.

    Good luck at the new barn … hopefully it will work for her, you are one dedicated horse Mum.

  • jfs

    But there will be solariums and massage units and hot walkers and cold salt baths

    you know, right up until the cold salt baths, I was tempted to move in myself …. :-)

  • uathsaille

    Thank you – I really hope it works out. It won’t be a place that I’ll ever feel at home in, but for a summer it should be good. If expensive.

  • uathsaille

    No kidding – I had that thought myself. And for a price approaching our mortgage, it damn well SHOULD be nice.

  • uathsaille

    Yes – that was my thought. Working long hours, I wouldn’t be able to put her on the horse walker for a long period during the day, and I think that in itself should hopefully stave off another lymphagitis (sp?) attack.

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