Quick Hello

There was a lot that I planned to do tonight…and didn’t. We’re very much closer to the US site going live, which should happen on Monday or Tuesday. Thank all the known gods. I am totally wiped out.

I lunged Kip today, slowly and gently. I know that I shouldn’t…I am getting so bored with bringing him in from pasture, grooming him, feeding him, putting him back out. He hurt himself in the beginning of July, so it’s been three months. *sigh* I am sooo impatient.

Phil and I watched a remake of Willard last night, which was sometimes funny in a dark way. Ben was played by a HUGE Gambian rat; now we’re dying to get one. Supposedly they make very good pets, being extremely intelligent, and they’re cat-sized. Here’s a pic of one. Enormous!

Enough. I really have nothing to say tonight, so I will close.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hello”

  1. But it does look HYOOOOOOGE in her pic! :P

    Don’t like his nose at all tho. I wonder if all the rats around UGA campus were Gambian? I swear a few of them were cat sized and fearless. Woe betide the poor student who crept passed one and disturb them digging in the trash bins. *heebie jeebies*

    (Disclaimer – I normally like rats btw.)

  2. wandringsoul

    Yes, the nose on this one DOES look huge – much longer than on the one in the movie…

  3. It’s like the big sewer or dump rats that you see in the States, big as large cats. The kind that, if you disturb them in a dark alley, swagger towards you sneering “You want some of this? Huh? I’ll kick your ass!” ;)

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