Quick Hello

There was a lot that I planned to do tonight…and didn’t. We’re very much closer to the US site going live, which should happen on Monday or Tuesday. Thank all the known gods. I am totally wiped out.

I lunged Kip today, slowly and gently. I know that I shouldn’t…I am getting so bored with bringing him in from pasture, grooming him, feeding him, putting him back out. He hurt himself in the beginning of July, so it’s been three months. *sigh* I am sooo impatient.

Phil and I watched a remake of Willard last night, which was sometimes funny in a dark way. Ben was played by a HUGE Gambian rat; now we’re dying to get one. Supposedly they make very good pets, being extremely intelligent, and they’re cat-sized. Here’s a pic of one. Enormous!

Enough. I really have nothing to say tonight, so I will close.


  • purrthecat

    But it does look HYOOOOOOGE in her pic! :P

    Don’t like his nose at all tho. I wonder if all the rats around UGA campus were Gambian? I swear a few of them were cat sized and fearless. Woe betide the poor student who crept passed one and disturb them digging in the trash bins. *heebie jeebies*

    (Disclaimer – I normally like rats btw.)

  • uathsaille

    It’s like the big sewer or dump rats that you see in the States, big as large cats. The kind that, if you disturb them in a dark alley, swagger towards you sneering “You want some of this? Huh? I’ll kick your ass!” ;)

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