*quick catchup, pizza cooking*

Took Anansi back to the vet’s again, to have him hydrated and checked. She doesn’t know what to do; she gave us some prebiotics/probiotics to put him on to try to dispell the buildup of gas in his stomach from not eating, and also gave us tablets which will hopefully give him more of an appetite. It could be an intestinal blockage, it could be a mineral deficiency, it could be something else – hopefully we can rule out an infectious disease because they live inside with no contact with other animals. His stool was slightly bloody last night. The vet feels bad for not being able to help more.

The people who bought the trailer picked it up today. They live in France, and want it to trailer out to the beach to ride. Niiiice. :)

Ooops, I think I smell pizza burning…

2 thoughts on “*quick catchup, pizza cooking*”

  1. catwithclaws

    it’s good to hear Anansi is still biting :) I know the pineapple/pedialyte mix helped Beauty’s appetite a LOT, but she’s a rabbit, not an exotic rodent. But the pineapple enzymes are good for cats and humans too, so might work for rodents? Good luck either way.

  2. That’s true – pineapple enzymes would probably help him. I haven’t seen those here, although I’ve been looking for Phil. There are a lot of herbal/natural remedies that you can’t find here. :(

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