Quick Catch Up

The days just fall one into the next, don’t they?

Work has been busy, as always – not being ungrateful (quite the opposite), just a bit frazzled. The weather has been as unfriendly as it always is in February in England, but today was an absolutely gorgeous day and I really should have gone out for a walk. Tomorrow, I promise myself.

As I always do. :)

Other than that, we’ve been doing some gaming with the release of Anthem and quite enjoying it. I think I’m looking forward to The Division 2 more, but this is a great game for the four of us to jump in and play. I’ve been exclusively playing Interceptor, which is very fast and flashy and fun – rather like a rogue archetype except without stealth. Jump in, cause havoc, jump away. The only drawback to this is the screen-filling flame effects caused by colossi (colossusses?) on our team with flamethrowers…the world is on fire and I can’t tell right from left.

I do have a very flashy paintjob currently, though – quite happy with this one.

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