Pvp in Warhammer

I play Warhammer quite differently than I do Warcraft. For one thing, I group with people easily. Remember, I’m so antisocial that I will say “sorry, logging soon” if invited to a spur of the moment group in Wow, and will actually log out. I know that’s very sad. In Warhammer, it’s easy, casual, and fun.

I still do quests and grinding, but usually I do it while waiting for one of the scenarios to pop. I love pvp in Warhammer. There were times when I enjoyed it in Wow, as well, but that was usually dependent on how badly we were being steamrollered by Horde (usually pretty badly), or how often I was getting stunlocked by rogues. My hunter can be lethal in pvp, but she’s no good at close-combat melee. In Warhammer, although I may die quite a lot depending on how badly someone wants to cut through squishies, it’s still a blast and I love it.

I honestly couldn’t tell you why pvp is so much better (for me, anyway) in Warhammer. All I know is that even if we lose I don’t have that “to hell with this, its too painful” feeling. I have fun. I’m really, really looking forward to trying RvR, which I haven’t had a chance to yet – it was one of my reasons for joining a guild.

I’ve been playing my sorceress, which I basically started because I had some good blue gear for one.  :)  I’m a bit stuck on my DoK since I have five million completed quests that for the life of me I can’t figure out where to turn them in. Gief a Thotbott for Warhammer!

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  1. I haven’t had slightest idea that You are THAT antisocial. I wonder why You even talked to me on Moonglade?

    But to the point, for me grinding rewards killed fun pvp in WoW. I liked it when I was able to hop in, raise mayhem and go out, without knowledge that if I will do it just only fifteen times more I will get something shiny. Don’t get me wrong, I know that without rewards bg’s would be empty and everyone needs carrot dangling in front, but pvp grind makes me rather opt out from any instanced pvp.

    Haven’t tried Warhammer. Even played casually, WoW is eating too much of my time already.

  2. Why do you think my move-to-Moonglade-and-do-RP experiment failed? :D

    I think pvp in Warcraft depends on the class that you play, and the server that you play on. Horde rules everything where I’ve played, and it’s not fun. And, as I said, with my hunter I can slaughter everyone…until that rogue makes it his business to be my shadow, stunlocking me as soon as I leave the graveyard. Warriors as well, now, have that lethal spinny-thing that they do now, which is horrible. Even in mail, I go down all to easily to that.

    I only did the pvp grind once, prior to TBC – I knew that I wanted to switch to Kit as my main, so I geared her up in pvp. I was even doing WSG or AB during lunch breaks at work, and was very very sick of the grind.

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