Productive Day

So far this morning I’ve started a new digital painting, and had Phil remove the tile from around the clawfooted tub, which fell away to reveal a giant hole all the way down to the brick. Shit…some good, some bad. So now the painting is on hold, and we are off to Focus to get mortar and plaster to fix the wall.

We watched The Wicker Man, as I’d never seen it. I though Christopher Lee was wonderful, but I think the rest of the movie needed to be remade. I never like remakes of old movies, they’re almost inevitably crap, but in this case I think you would vastly improve the movie. I would make it darker, edgier, and more suspenseful, and get rid of all the happy singing. Wtf? Phil said that I just didn’t understand the undertones of the movie, and perhaps that’s true; but it’s also true that it made me simultaneously grimace and laugh during those scenes. It was cringe-making. Remake it, though, and I think that you would have a VERY interesting movie.

It was interesting seeing Brit Ekland dance. She was a fairly big star at the time, wasn’t she? It must have been quite shocking to see someone like that dancing full-length naked, slapping the wall and then slapping her ass. Very nice, but I can’t imagine what peopke back in 1973 would have thought.

Hell. I suppose I should go and wash all the paster dust off, and go get the stuff to repair the wall. I’d hate to be in the bath, or sitting on the john, and have it crumble entirely so that I could wave and say hello to our neighbor. ;)

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