Productive Day

After getting home and crashing hard last night, so far this weekend we’ve been quite productive. Got up, went to put Lizzie out and muck out, Phil dropped off a load of shavings, then we went to the post office and mailed the Caprilli saddle that I’d sold on eBay (sob!!!) and a package to Morgaine. Now I’m going back to the farm to ride Lizzie and put her away early, so I can do some work on the computer before having a lazy night with a book (since Phil is indulging in his Warcraft addiction tonight – *sigh* for Saturday night dates, alas).

I am awaiting release of The Cell here at the end of February, which is (ta-daaaa) the new Stephen King novel. I’ve missed him so since the accident. You may turn your nose up at genre novels, in some cases justifiably so, but I think he is a very good writer. Not artsy, not pretentious, just capable of telling a good story and doing it well. I was afraid that he’d never write again after the accident (I know there have been some bits and pieces published since the accident, but I think most of those were written pre-accident.) Anyway, welcome back.

Work is going really well, the project plan and functional/technical specs are shaping up extremely well, and we’re looking for an ASP.NET developer for initial development. I’ve done simple ASP coding, but I don’t know anything about .NET, and I’m not a DBA. I’d presented a comparison of J2EE vs. .NET and SQL Server vs. Oracle; due to the fact that they already have ASP developers already on staff, it makes sense to go Microsoft, so all teams can be cross-functional. And so we go – interviews are next week. I’m having fun.

Off to the stable, then…dressed in black boots, black breeches, black rollneck sweater, and a lovely BRIGHT reversible gilet that is neon orange waterproof outside and black fleece inside, so I can reverse it for riding out on the roads. Thrift-shop find for £1.50, go me. :)

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  1. King is a very good storyteller, I’ve read most of his work, and expecially enjoy his short stories.

  2. I like his short stories as well. “The Last Rung on the Ladder,” for instance, was a superb story.

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