Print vs. Web Design

I found a very interesting essay on the problems resulting from print vs. web design training and knowledge on asterisk.

This is an issue that I am very familiar with due to my experience as webdesigner for Musician’s Friend, a large US music-and-recording gear ecommerce site. The Art Director was print-only, as he was in charge of the catalog/direct mail division. As part of my job, I had to incorporate graphic elements from the ads and promotions that they had created, which didn’t always translate well to the web; it was difficult at times. Fortunately, he was a nice guy who know when to back down when it came to decisions about the site.

I think it’s something that most web-centric graphic designers have to deal with on large sites. And he’s right – rather than just throwing traditional graphic designers an outdated smidgeon of web theory, it should either be totally ignored or taught properly.

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