Pre-Holiday Update

I haven’t posted lately; work has been as tough as always, I’ve been tired. Kit made Knight-Lieutenant, and acquired some PvP gear to replace the green gloves and Elven Chain boots that she’s worn for ages. Still not very close to a black war ram, unfortunately, due to my habit of pugging battlegrounds. I’ve been a bit discouraged with PvP, actually, since the patch – AV is unplayably laggy, and WSG and AB are filled with Tier 2 premades, which makes it tough to do anything.

The holiday festivities have been fun; I love the seasonal events in WoW. Snowballs are rampant, people are raiding in gnome costumes, and everyone’s first job upon logging in is to blow a kiss at the holiday revellers in the inns. Last night I gave everyone in the guild a snowshoe rabbit which I’d giftwrapped, sending them from an alt who was acting as Secret Santa. It was a lot of fun, and I have a shot of our raid last night, when BWL turned into Watership Down. :D

Aside from that, I’m feeling a bit burned out and at loose ends…I can’t wait until Burning Crusade.

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