Pre-emptive Apology

I’ll probably be doing a lot of horse-related entries in the future (as if you haven’t guessed that!). I rarely write about work, just because I don’t believe in friends-only posts; this is my place to write about everything in my life, and be as open as I can. I don’t, however, want to be fired for blogging about the job. Occasionally I write about sex or politics or whatever, but this is (*sniff*) a fairly worksafe blog, more’s the pity. So, feel free to unfriend me if it bores you. :)

Regarding Live8, I have to say that I just don’t get Peter Kay. He irritates the hell out of me, and it was pissing me off to see him mugging, decidedly un-funny, onstage. Why does this man have a career? And Mariah Carey’s personal waterbottle-carrier was hilarious. Piss off, take Peter Kay with you.

I would have loved to have gone. And I miss Freddie Mercury, so very much.

In other news, yesterday we bought a barbeque shaped like a big stone fish. It’s quite cool.

And that’s as profound as it gets today, I’m afraid. It’s a Monday, I feel as though I’ve been running all weekend, and I totally forgot where I left everything on Friday. Normally I try to finish all templates off, or I document where I had left the code and what needed to still be fixed/implemented, but I didn’t on Friday…god only knows what’s going to go live when we publish to the production environment. :(

3 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Apology”

  1. wandringsoul

    Speaking of Peter Kay – he got 31% of the vote on the BBC poll of ‘who did the best introduction’ at Live 8. I personally found it pathetic, and an insult to everyone there, also, had I been that sound guy he was so rude to, I’d have walked over and decked him.

    The to try and get the audience to sing Amarillo. They cut to Johnatho Ross, then back to PK who then got the audience started on Amarillo AGAIN!?!

    Talk about a one joke wonder…one joke wanker maybe.

  2. Funny you should mention Freddy Mercury. I only saw the last 5 minutes of the Live 8, but it was Freddie that crossed my mind at the time for some reason. Weird, huh? I’ve only seen a few minutes of clips of him in concert, and it is amazing, so I have to echo your sentiment there. :) Might have to see if I can download some more of the the live8 concert to know what people are talking about, heh.

  3. Yes, that’s what made me think of him. They kept showing clips of Queen’s performance at Live Aid, and a lot of the old bands were performing at Live8, and I just felt melancholy. What a huge loss.

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