Pre-Cataclysm Goals

After the long trip, I think I’m finally ready to get back into the swing of things game-wise. Jetlag is finally releasing me from it’s clutches (although I did have an impromptu nap last night after dinner, so sad).

Lacking any new MMOs on the horizon, I’ve mostly been playing Warcraft. Yes, I very much want to try Red Dead Redemption when it comes out. And I could finally finish Dragon Age. But otherwise it’s WoW:

  • I haven’t played any Allods Online at all after the cash shop fiasco. Goodwill is a precious thing, and quite difficult to get back – companies should be smart enough to realise that. gPotato did send out a questionnaire asking why I had stopped playing, which I very much enjoyed asking. Words such as “greed”, “stupidity”, and “venality” may have been used. :)
  • Although I would still very much like to see it go live, there’s been little or no news about the World of Darkness MMO. Not holding my breath.
  • Jumpgate Evolution seems to have died. Or maybe not, it’s hard to tell.
  • I’m looking forward to the Age of Conan expansion – the screenshots are gorgeous.
  • SWTOR will be worth a try, but I feel about it very much the way that I did about Star Trek Online – the IP may be rather limiting. Oh, I’ll buy it, and play for a month or so. But after that? We’ll see.
  • Guild Wars 2. Want. So. Much!
  • Aion. I regret this one – but not enough to play a game that still has a massive grind in place.

So, Warcraft. During TBC/Wrath I switch to Kitsune, my hunter, and didn’t feel like playing any other classes. I love hunters. But after burning out on hardcore raiding, I kind of stopped playing her since there wasn’t anything to do. Her gear is now woefully out of date, and although I would like to upgrade, I don’t care enough to start raiding again. And (being an asshat magnet) I don’t like pugging. I especially don’t like it now when people that I know are total tards are trying to get groups together by gearscore. You know what? You may have the gearscore, but I’ve done runs with you and I know you’re an idiot and an asshat…so I’m not that broken-hearted that I wouldn’t be accepted in your run. :D

My Pally is finally 80 – my only level-capped Horde character. I’d like to get my original main, my warlock Ravven, to 80. Once I’ve done that, I may take my priest from 70 to 80. I’d like to continue levelling my troll hunter as far as I can, since I’m not going to faction-switch Kitsune. (She’s a “real” person, and it would be wrong.) But hunters still rule, and I’d like to have one horde-side.

And that is what I see myself doing in terms of gaming until the fall, when I anticipate Cataclysm coming out. Just chilling and taking it easy, staying off the hamster wheel.

2 thoughts on “Pre-Cataclysm Goals”

  1. Ohh I badly want to play Aion again, especially with Final Fantasy on behind me all the time! I got my Spiritmaster to I think 27 before I quit to play WoW again before.

  2. Good luck with WoW plans. I envy you a bit – I broke up with WoW month (or slightly more) ago and not going back for now. Which leaves me with even more time wasted on useless I-net surfing:/
    But I simply can’t make myself to log on present day WoW. Trying to get as many Emblems of Frost as humanly possible while dodging Gearscore junkies and rudes – no thanks. I really liked instant dungeons ques at first, but in slightly longer run, all changes made WoW lose its charm. Once I had an idea to get my paladin all blue rep/crafted gear and finish dangling questlines in proper way, but I passed on it.
    So for now, flash games rule in my world, with serious plans for buying ps3 soon.

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