Prawns in Marie-Rose (don’t ask)

Let’s just say that I have to make time to make lunch in the mornings. ;)

I was talking with Phil about the difference the new commute makes to my outlook in the mornings. I used to commute on small country lanes, and now it’s mainly a drive through the suburbs and downtrodden industrial areas. I used to love seeing the new lambs in the fields, or seeing the hills turn gold in the afternoon sun. It made me happy, sometimes to the point of being almost in tears. Stoke isn’t one of the most aesthetic cities in the world, granted – it has a bad reputation as a place to live, and I am glad that I only work here. The countryside, and the small villages, are stunning.

I want to get back a bit to the original purpose of this blog: a first-person account of what it’s like to leave the country of your birth and make a home in another country. I will always be American, but England is my home now. So, more accounts of the differences, the wonderful things, the difficulties and small embarrassments of not *really* speaking the language.

But for now…back to work. All I have are stolen moments.

7 thoughts on “Prawns in Marie-Rose (don’t ask)”

  1. Sometimes I try and put on a bit of a British accent when I’m not in the mood for the “Oh! Are you American?!” conversation. >;) Everyone that has asked me that have been very nice but once you’ve heard “Oh, you’re from sunny California…I bet the weather here is very different for you!” over ten times it just becomes a bit mind-numbing.
    *lol* I know it’s going to be the same for Dave when we’re back in the States.
    “Ooh! Say something in British!!!” >:D I look forward to teasing him relentlessly!
    I know how you’re feeling, hon. We don’t see the beautiful countryside very regularly here in good old downtown Birkenhead. But when we do go to places like Wales or even just to Roydon Park in Thorstoneton, it’s so very refreshing and reviving. Hope you’re able to do that soon.

  2. I know what you mean about finding time to make lunch in the mornings. A few times this past week or so I have had to endure what tescos calls a sandwich. stringy meat thin bread and too much mayo..ugh, give me my home baked spelt or rye with left over roast beef, red onion and fresh baby spinich leaves any day. I have left over chilli for tomorrows lunch..if I can face cleaning the horror that lurks inside works microwave:)

  3. lol…the difference is, all Americans are sluts for British accents. ;) He will do well there. I used to be really amused by listening to Phil swear – it sounded so funny in a proper English accent, so cute.

  4. Mmmmnn…baby spinach, used raw. I use so much of that in my lunches – it seems to keep forever, and it’s so good. Prepared sandwiches tend to be not very good.

  5. wandringsoul

    You should play a game when you get to the states…everytime he gets asked ‘You’re not from round here…are you? You have to buy him a drink.

    He’ll be an alcholic within days…

    I think my best one was – to a friend of mine…’Oh, your friend’s from England?? What language does he speak…?’

  6. Oh my gawd! *lol* I don’t think I’ll be trying that game, as much as Dave would like that. >;) *lol*
    We Americans are truly sluts for the accent. I still love it and I’m around it all the time!

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