Power Drinking

Phil and I are going to go out with the guys, Jo, and Bunny (I haven’t linked to her blog, because I would hate to be the cause of her falling into enemy hands – i.e., mangement). I’m looking forward to it, as they had too much fun last time without us.

I could use some fun. This has been a fairly grim period recently, what with the pay raise (“Here’s a couple of pounds! Don’t spend it all in one place!”) and the ongoing house problems.

I don’t powerdrink, though. I think it’s only something that you can do well if you’re very young, or old and have been in serious training for a very long time. Feeling sick isn’t fun. Neither are hangovers. Neither is the realisation that you looked like the picture to the left the night before. (Caption: This is how totally shitfaced you have to be to get up and sing “Bitch” in front of a bar full of strangers.) Lol…not a pretty sight. Although Owlslight and I did have fun that night.

This picture (stolen from Nathan) is a memento of one of the last times we went out. Phil, as designated driver, looks very cool, calm and collected. He would NEVER get shitfaced in public, stagger up on stage, and perform a drunken rendition of an only partially-remembered song, swaying arm in arm with several other girls. Bastard. lol…

Anyway, I am VERY much looking forward to tonight. :)

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  1. We did have fun that night, didn’t we? But did you have to post that picture? Ack! What a lovely, lovely photo ;).

    Hoping you have a fabulous time tonight. I’m planning on it!

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