P is doing well after his surgery last Friday (yep, Friday the 13th, da-da-da-duuuum).  That was a very long day, as I had elected to stay at the hospital all day so I could be close.  I’m used to American-style treatment, where someone immediately comes to the waiting room and gives you a status update as soon as the patient is out of surgery.  Not so here…but at least this surgery won’t bankrupt our family (god forbid I should ever criticize the NHS!). 

Aside from that, all is well.  Lizzie is going well, although she is terribly unfit and it will be a long process to bring her back into work.  She’s looking well, though, and every day I extend our workout.

The news has been full of the events back in the states, which they always try to turn into a gun control discussion.  Just report the news please, less finger-pointing.  Although I’ve never been fond of the easy availability of illegal guns in the States (in Los Angeles you can practically buy them out of the back of vans if you go to the right neighborhoods), but I grew up with guns and I do understand people’s extreme views on the subject.  I probably first shot a gun at the age of ten, my sisters and I were all religiously trained in gun safety, use and maintenance, and most of my family hunt.  My father collected guns, so we had a small arsenal in the house, usually in my father’s bedroom closet.  They weren’t locked up or anything, but we would have sooner put our hands onto a redhot stove burner than ever touched one without permission.  It didn’t warp us or turn us into homicidal maniacs.  As ex-law enforcement, my father has views about personal safety and protecting your home that probably seem pretty extreme here…and I can’t say that I disagree with them.

Not much else to tell…I’m back at work today.  But at least this will be a short week.  That’s a very good thing.

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