It’s the day after Thanksgiving. Yesterday we got a roasted chicken after work, and that was Thanksgiving dinner. :( I felt a bit blue, but it was good to talk to the whole family, who were gathered at my parents’ house.

What else is happening? Steve and Ellie will be here tomorrow, and we are in the midst of preparations. We painted the bedroom red – it looks gorgeous, or will when we get proper curtains, etc. in. We’ve spent too much money at this point. I’ll post pictures later.

Work has been frustrating. We got permission to install Perl on the server, so that we can run forums and a postcard server…but we don’t have things like Sendmail, which the scripts need to run. The cgi-bin directory is outside of the site directory, which causes problems. I am so frustrated. I’m tempted to just pay for server space somewhere, so that I can install these things properly.

Anyway, only three hours to go, and then I will have four whole days off!

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