Post Pub

I had a good time last night, although we arrived long after everyone else was completely bladdered. ;) Pics below.

Today I spent several hours out at the stable, lunged Kipper and turned him out. Due to being shut in so much with the recent weather, he was higher than a kite and I thought he needed to lose his edge a bit before we resumed riding. *g* Just try leading a horse roughly the size of a brontosaurus who is doing caprioles beside you, squealing and snorting! Phil didn’t know that horses could stick their tails straight up in the air like that. lol…as someone said in Jurassic Park, Kip suffers from “a deplorable excess of personality.”

I suppose I should get something to eat…just didn’t feel hungry. I’m quite tired, for some reason. To bed early tonight, I think.


Picturing You Picturing Me


Bye Jodi

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  1. looks like a fun night was had by all. Hope you manage to ride Kipper again soon, he sounds like a boisterous schoolboy at the moment:) far too much energy for his own good ( and in need of a firm hand )
    I’ll write up about my night later, glad to see fun was had by your crowd.

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