Bloody fireworks. Thank goodness a friend from the stable was there last night, checking on her horse, and she stayed in the stall with Lizzie for awhile until she calmed down.

To top it off, this morning was the day of the stupid shoot on the farm…you’d think the pouring rain would put them off, but no. :( I finally had to get off and hand-walk Lizzie to cool her down, since she refused to walk and every close shot made her leap around. Poor thing is going to have post-traumatic stress syndrome. I worked her a bit harder today (more collection, some canter work in circles, shoulder-in), and although she was totally shattered afterwards, she seemed to be ok.

Someone else at the barn has taken my lesson slot. They may as well, since I can’t depend on Lizzie to be sound on any given day. Plus, I think this may be why she was sold, despite the fact that she is totally amazing to ride – I think that, when you reach a point where you start asking for a lot of collection, really getting the hindquarters under her and making her work very “uphill”, she may tie up. This would explain why she won everything at Novice level and never moved up to Intermediate…perhaps the work is just too physically taxing, and can trigger an episode.

Very disappointing, if so. :(

I wish the rain would stop.

3 thoughts on “Post-Fireworks”

  1. Your assessment sounds about right, I’ve seen this before, people unload these horses easily because they just ride and look so damn good, and their problem is so difficult to prove later – that it didn’t suddenly turn up.

  2. Is her nervousness part of her problem? She does sound quite skitty. Could a horse psychologist help her? I know that some people at our doggie place do reiki and homeopathy for dogs. Someone must offer it for horse. I hope you manage to sort her out as she does seem to be a beautiful girl.

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