Stock Images for Book Cover Art

Anyone who has looked for stock photography for book cover art knows that it can be a soul-destroying experience. Sure, there are tons of gorgeous models and stunning photography, but these are usually outtakes from fashion/advertising shots. There aren’t a lot of action shots.

In an ideal world I’d love to have access to a proper photography studio again, as I did when I lived in Los Angeles. I miss it. Lacking the resources and money, however, I’ve turned to creating my own in 3D programmes and replacing heads, individual clothing elements, hair. Many of these I’ve uploaded to Depositphotos (which was the only stock photography site who didn’t have a problem with me being from the US but permanently resident in the UK).

These images don’t have fancy backgrounds, as they’re meant to be used by cover artists as part of bespoke cover art work. Use them, adapt them, have fun. :)

Stock Photography for Book Cover Art by Ravven

Click the above link for a full portfolio of current work.


I also have a page where I ask for feedback. I can’t promise to be able to fulfill specific requests, but I’d love to know what people are looking for (and can’t seem to find). Let me know here.