Custom Stock Images for Book Covers

In the past I have created custom stock images for book series and I am finally offering this as an ongoing service to designers. All of my stock is created in Daz Studio, as I don’t create custom characters from scratch. So this, I suppose is a rather custom “lite” offering. :) 

This allows you to create a bespoke character for ongoing series where you may need additional character shots for years to come. It alleviates the uncanny valley effect that can be caused by compositing heads, hair, body parts and clothing elements to get exactly the look that you want. It also allows you access to more bespoke action poses than commercial stock usually offers, as well as ensuring that you have a unique model that you won’t see on other covers.

Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if I can do it with my existing models and clothing sets. I will occasionally purchase something that you need for a custom shot. I do not do complete images with figures and backgrounds – this is stock for designers to use in creating bespoke covers.

The rate for custom stock images is $25 per image with a discount for multiple poses on the same figure. Contact me for more information.