Portal Fantasy and Secret Doors

Caveat: I know that I’ve probably written about this before, but still…this was something that I was thinking about this weekend.

Part of why I love the games, books and movies that I do has to do with the “secret door”. One of the most intense fantasies of my childhood was that someday I would find the door (or the wardrobe)  that would open into a magical land. I wanted this with every part of my being, and I would have stepped through with hardly a thought for what I would leave behind.  I’m not entirely sure that I have given up that fantasy, to be honest. And yes, even today, I would step through without a thought.

This is, in part, what leads to my love of Warcraft and other fantasy games, my deep and abiding love of books, especially fantasy or science fiction, especially portal fantasy. Portal fantasy is a plot mechanic where a character from our everyday modern world finds a doorway that allows them to sideslip into a different world. It’s Narnia and Alice in Wonderland and Neverwhere and Un Lun Dun.

Until I find it, I’ll live in my books, and in Nagrand, Winterspring, and Azshara. :)

2 thoughts on “Portal Fantasy and Secret Doors”

  1. Portal fantasy feels good not only because it gives You way to other world, but also because it lets You dissappear from this world – at least for me it works that way. But I am wondering, why then I am worried about amount of time sucked by WoW from my RL?

  2. Because if you could find a way to sideslip into another universe, it would be real life…but not as we know it. How awesome would that be? I don’t totally not-believe in hidden doors, if you get my meaning. I keep hoping that someday, someday I’ll find one. :)

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