Poor Lizzie

Last night my friend Lindy rode Lizzie before I worked her, and she was very, very impressed by her. She said that she thinks Lizzie is the nicest horse that we’ve ever had on the yard (which I think hurt some feelings among the people watching, one of which has a brand new horse that she is very proud of).

But pride goeth before a fall, so to speak. I turned Lizzie out in the small paddock afterwards, and she managed to cut her hind leg deeply on something, on the cannon bone just below the hock. The vet didn’t put stitches in, as it had nicked part of a tendon, and if the ends started to degrade once he’d closed it, we’d have worse problems. So she’s been dosed with antibiotics, wrapped, her other legs wrapped, and he’ll come out again this afternoon to look at it. Poor thing. I called in sick to work, as I’d been out at the stable until 10:30 last night with her, and I need to check the wraps today.

So, no dressage show this weekend. But the wound is clean and should heal well, so we’ll get there eventually.

5 thoughts on “Poor Lizzie”

  1. Poor girl!

    In the gashed-horse department, I sympathize entirely. I’ll probably only pull 5 or so hours here before heading home to meet the vets as well. Not to the bone at least, but eep! Heal up well Lizzie :)

  2. Yes, I’m sorry – I hope both Denali and Drakkara get well soon. :( Boo sucks to expensive vet bills.

  3. candlelight1228

    Hi! Found you through your husbands journal after he posted to . I was writing because I wanted to ask you if it would be ok to add you to my journal. I would like to do that because I see a similar spirit. I have also lived all over and am about to return to school in NYC to get my Master’s in Design and Technology. After I hope to return to the UK, where I am also a citizen, to work and live for a while. Therefore I wouldn’t mind, if it’s ok, to have someone to talk shop with.

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