Poor Lizzie, II

Ongoing vet visits. Her hock is quite hot and swollen, although the swelling seems to be under the skin, rather than in the joint, thank goodness. Wraps, antibiotic pad, bute and oral antibiotics over the weekend, and then he wants to come out again (!!!) to see her on Monday. I’ll see how she looks over the weekend, and decide to have him come out or no. The cut is QUITE ick, very open and deep. (Although it looked a lot worse when he was cleaning it – I swear the man had his finger up to the first joint in her leg.) I hand-walked her for ten minutes this morning, with the studchain as she was doing all kind of airs above the ground; if she can do that, she can’t be feeling too bad.

Phil and I are going to get our hair cut today, and I’m thinking about dying it another colour, at least temporarily. Right now it’s red with black underneath, but I’m thinking about doing it purple for a while…just for the hell of it. I’m having some of the length cut off, as it’s midway down my back, and perhaps some jagged bits cut in the front – not really a fringe, but something to take some of the weight of it away from my face. I have too much hair.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day today, very warm and sunny. I think we all needed some sunshine this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Poor Lizzie, II”

  1. YAY for missing the joint :) not so yay about swelling, but considering the injury it shouldn’t be too surprising…

    is her gash too big to stitch or did they get that done? a horse here at the center sliced her knee open like that – flapping skin to bone and watching them clean it was .. wow. lots of internal views of that leg :S however as a knee it was a PITA to heal up because they couldn’t keep it completely immobile, even with a splint.

  2. It wasn’t long, but it was very deep. Since part of the tendon was cut, he cleaned up the loose/ragged bits and said he wanted to leave it open in case the ends of the tendon fibres started to degrade – if the wound was closed, it could lead to a serious infection. I felt ok with that since I don’t care about the scarring, but she has to be sound. She’s moving ok, thank goodness.

  3. I can plug Special Effects Deep Purple now, yeah? It’s the bomb diggity.

    Get well vibes for your mare.

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