Poo. Totally poo.

Really crappy weather this weekend, which is seriously pissing me off. I went out to ride this morning, and made it down the pasture in the horizontal, freezing rain before I said fuck this and turned around. I’ve had enough winter weather for one lifetime, thank you very much. *frown*

It’s Christmas. :) I just got a whole slew of stuff that I bought totally cheaply on eBay. New red-and-black shipping boots, stirrup leathers, very bling black padded halter with gold embroidery to replace the leather one that he stood on and broke the buckles on, and a surprising nice synthetic dressage saddle that I got for practically nothing. Plus riding boots for Phil. And…BEST of all, I finally bought my Wintec Isabell Werth saddle yesterday. w00t!!! I put in my highest bid of £300.01, and in the last thirty seconds, someone else bid £300.00 and lost it. Hahahaha…I was bidding secretively at work yesterday, hoping no one would come over to start a discussion on anything, heart pounding like mad from auction fever, and I was SO excited to win it! I’ve wanted one of these saddles for ages. Since Kip has another three years of growth yet, and he’s changing shape as he muscles up, I need a changeable-width saddle. *happy dance*

Phil got bitten by Aja the other night, as I had let her out and she immediately ran up to the third floor to hide under the hutch there – one of her favourite hiding spots. He tried wetting her with the spray bottle, which usually works, tried to resort to manually pulling her out, and she sank he teeth into him. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been considering that these are rats the size of a cat, with massive teeth that can easily bite down to the bone. I heard a reverberating shout from upstairs: “Oh, you goddamn bitch!” lol…when a giant rat is unhappy about something, they definitely let you know.

Well, off to do shopping. In the rain. Grrrrrr….

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