Please Somebody Do This, I Beg Of You

Today on Facebook I saw a friend indicate interest in the Night Market in Nottingham. Immediately my mind was filled with extremely cool images and possibilities about a market similar to the Floating Market in Neverwhere, or the Goblin Market in Hellboy 2. How incredibly cool would that be?

The Nottingham Night Market, while sounding perfectly fine in terms of shopping and food booths and undoubtedly lots of fun in its own right, is nothing like my wild flights of fancy. I know because I looked it up.

So I have to beg you, someone infinitely cooler and more creative than I am (by which I mean more social than I am), pleasepleaseplease set this in motion. Something wild and a bit shifty, a bit underground and artsy. Something like the people at the Labyrinth of Jareth masquerade would run in the off season. Costumes, booths selling arcane goods and art, wildfolk in costume. Dancing, music, drink. Food booths selling everything from candied quail to tiny, perfect marzipan banquets. I want a goblin market and a tiny slice of Bordertown.

I want to be Fae for one night. Sigh…

2 thoughts on “Please Somebody Do This, I Beg Of You”

  1. This DOES sound really kewl!!!

    Have you attended the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade? My husband and I have gone a few years and we LOVE it!!! Quite the experience!!

    I wish I had the time and creativity to do this project for you…but I will spread the news!

  2. I follow them on FB just for the gorgeous images, although I think they started after I moved to the UK. Certainly after I moved out of Los Angeles, anyway, but I would really, really love to go!

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