Here is a picture of the horse:

And here is his sire, Holme Grove Solomon:

A bit nervous about all of this…when he was with the professional trainer, he was known to “buck a few people off.” Being an orphan foal, he panicks if he is alone, such as in the stable, etc., you can’t hack alone (which honestly I don’t care about, and you can’t trailer him by himself. Well, let’s see what happens…I am still undecided about riding him tomorrow. He hasn’t been worked, and it would be in a field. If she’s willing to loan (I’m about an hour and a half away from her, which is a big drawback for her), then I think I want to do a re-starting with him, skipping through the areas that he’s ok with and solidifying any basics that they missed, working him under controlled conditions like 1) in the indoor arena, and 2) when I’m wearing a body protector, etc.

I keep thinking about my friend Lindy being bucked off her horse in the arena and breaking her neck…she was very lucky.

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  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always been afraid of horses, hehe. Maybe it’s just because of Superman being h0rked and all. I love horses though, hehe, between 12-2003 and 12-2004, living with my dad and their 4 horsies, I loved being with them. short sad/funny story: my parents had a 31-year-old (I think?!) horse. I used to play guitar for it. I came home one day and it was laying down. What did I know?! I brought my guitar out and started playing some songs, then I noticed it’s eyes didn’t move. It was dead!!! Ugh. Singing to a dead horse! Hmm, well, it passed on, and I loved the other horses left and played for them. But I’m still afraid of their power and all, hehe. Good luck with the new horsie though ;)

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