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a bit blue, and unable to go through any job sites because the ADSL connection
is at a crawl tonight (broadband, my ass!) I was going through some old
pictures. Here are some, pretty much at random:

Cowboy Hat Picture
I don’t know why we were all wearing Western hats. Just being silly,
I suppose. I mean, we all had them – I grew up barrel racing in rodeos
and showing Quarter Horses in 4H – but we didn’t exactly walk around
wearing them. My sisters and I, and my Grandmother Re.

Mystery at the Chateau Marmont
This is one of the fencing parties, a murder mystery party held in a suite
in a famous hotel on the Sunset Strip. Very Miami-Vice, with everyone
portraying undercover cops and drug dealers and prostitutes. The one with
the legs came as Miss Florida; no one was quite sure why, although she
did have good legs.

The wife of comedian and actor Red Buttons; I used to train horses for
her. She was amazing, seventy-four years old when this picture was taken.
Still gorgeous and fit, and her husband was very in love with her. I
was talking to her on the phone one day, when he picked up an extension
and broke into the conversation.


"What, Red?"
"What do you call it, that thing that you get some times?"
"What thing?"
"That thing where you just can’t stop thinking about your wife."


So many old pictures, really embarassing shots with feathered hair and
leg warmers and tight jeans tucked into boots.

Yeah, I remember
disco…the FIRST time around.

and I
My girl. I miss her so much. She was a perfect baby, a wonderful small
child, and then a difficult, angry teen.

I remember
walking with her, hand in hand, and she was small…just putting longer
sentences together, just really starting to talk. And she looked up
at me and said

do bugs have souls, and is it wrong to step on them?"

To quote
Robin Williams on a similar subject, all I could do was look down and
think "What, are you Buddha?"


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