After jonesing so badly for another shot at Rift…I was denied! Most of the UK customers with BT were unable to play. Evidently Trion has changed ports to a range that BT considers to be the exclusive province of P2P, so the game is being throttled.

This has to be a new world record for latency.

Boo sucks.


This morning, per the forums:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the headaches! We’re currently working on a couple of changes to help out people affected by network port issues:

1. First, we’re preparing a work-around for people whose ports 6000-6020 are blocked and can’t play. ETA 24 hours.
2. Second, we’re moving to a new port range entirely, which should help the port-blocked people as well as the BT Internet people seeing high latency. ETA 48 hours.

Thanks for your patience while we work this out. We want to see everyone in the game having fun ASAP.

and then:

I just wanted to give a quick update.

We are still on track to deliver a solution to you within the 24 hour time frame previously committed to you. Also our service operations teams are acting as advocates on your behalf with problematic ISPs to deliver a fun experience.

I want to thank you for your continued patience with this issue and grateful for your support.

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of a corgi in a hat.…00/maggiespell

Craig Parrotte
Director of Customer Service

Got to love a Customer Service team with a sense of humour.

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