Pet Peeves

*yawn* I’m just trying to make it through the week. A lot of the work that I do here is content-related rather than design-related, and very boring. When it comes to doing web landing pages every week, cutting and pasting text, product links, etc…well, to be honest, a monkey could do my job at times. And these times make up the bulk of what I do. Granted, I work with some very good friends, and I have whatever free time I need after the content updates, but still…sometimes it is very difficult to stay at my desk for eight hours.

This brings me to a pet peeve…belching and other less-mentionable habits in the workplace. Granted, programmers aren’t the most socially accomplished group, on the whole, but really – !!! One guy in particular is horrendous to work with. Loud belches, rude smells, an overturned pile of chili-cheese dip that he has been baking under his desk lamp since last November, the shuffling noise that his Birkenstocks make as he walks… he seems rather proud of his social retardation.

It makes me tense. I had to vent. ;)

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