19 thoughts on “Penis Power”

  1. Obviously, you wouldn’t be expected to understand code, you don’t have the ‘equipment’! :P

    I reckon you DEFINATELY should take one into work and plunk it on your desk next to a suitable signage about ‘equipment’.

  2. I don’t blame you for being annoyed. When I worked for Inland Revenue we used to get a certain amount of that. One particular Accountant was notorious for asking if us girls could run along and get a male colleague who would understand his query. I used to take great delight in lying and saying there were no male colleagues free so he’d have to deal with me.

  3. :: giggles ::

    I *love* that idea … actually I could take along my nice purple one from Babes …

    I have to say I have noticed a number of times the expressions on some suppliers’ faces when they realise I am the CTO and *know tech* rather than just leave it to my staff …

    but then giving them a proper education is such a nice thing to do …

  4. Oh, you were WAY too polite with him! I used to be a legal secretary, and I learned to tell someone to go fuck themselves fifteen different ways…politely and professionally. It comes in handy sometimes.

  5. dryadmeagenn

    LOL. Kinda like the look on those other bands musicians’ faces when they realized that I was the GUITAR TECH and stage manager for my band and damn good at my job. (In addition to looking good in a bikini at the pool.) The traditional “girl jobs” with a rock band are follow spotlight operator or maybe the lighting director. You could almost see the steam coming out of their ears as they tried to get their minds to accept the facts… and failed unless they actually saw me work.

    I was always amused by it.

  6. I was a sound engineer at the European Women’s Music Festival in Amsterdam one year (and Chief Engineer for two radio stations apart from being a building Cheif LX and other techie stuff) but oh yes, isn’t it fun ;-P

    I don#t think I’ve ever looked that good in a bikini though (though some exes have disagreed with me …)

  7. I hope that you will do it. I hope that your dildo will be a very, very, very large one and that you will point out that not only do you also have a penis, but your penis is much larger.

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