Patch 4.0.1 Shinies

Well, many of my addons don’t have updates yet. I haven’t trained any new talents because TalentChic is down and I’m a sheep. I still have my black wolf (yaay), lots of new stable slots (super yaay), dual specialisation is down to 100 gold, and I’m updating my video drivers right now because the new water textures look like grey lead.

Can’t wait to jump in. :D


Well, a couple of hours later I have everyone respecced. Now I need to practice rotations and figure out what I’m doing. And hunter pets…we finally have almost enough stable slots for our pet addictions. No more abandoning favourite old pets (my black armoured boar Ennui) or rare pets (my damned ghost wolf that was SUCH trouble to tame, and then I deleted him thinking that I could go back and tame him again!!! Damn you, Blizzard, damn you!).

The training dummy area in Ironforge is positively blinding with all the new spell effects and everyone trying out the new toys.

With the new cheap dual talent specs, I chose Resto as well as Elemental for my shammy – must go and try to heal something, since evidently Paladins are now broken.

So exciting! :D

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